Missing tooth?

With ToothFIX you can replace a missing tooth by yourself

is an incredible method, that will allow you to fill dental deficiencies quickly and at low cost

ToothFIX allows you to easily make a cosmetic tooth in just a few minutes. The tooth securely clips into place without the need for obtrusive palettes, plates, wires, etc. The material is a slightly translucent white colour just like real teeth and can be easily tinted to match your tooth shade. This material is reusable. So if you don't get it right first time, you can start again. With a little practice you can make a convincing replacement tooth, that doesn't cost a small fortune.

TOOTHFIX - DIY solution for a missing tooth

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Regain your confidence and bring the smile back on your face


The package contains special material in the form of pellet. When heated in warm water, the pellet changes its state and amalgamates in a way that enables moulding a replacement tooth. The amount of pellet allows you to make about 10 replacements. The package includes a detailed instructional brochure presenting a step-by-step description of how to make replacements all by yourself. Additionally, the brochure contains information regarding the way for changing the colour of replacements to make it match the colour of one's own teeth. If you want to learn more, please feel free to visit the FAQ section.

  • Can be used on front, back, upper or lower missing tooth
  • The kit includes everything needed to make 10+ teeth
  • Very easy to form - just use your fingers and water
  • Illustrated, simple, step-by-step colour instructions leaflet
  • Safe, non-toxic, reusable material
  • FREE 1st class UK delivery
  • 30 days returns policy


This is amazing, a similar product is nowhere to be found and I've been looking for it everywhere. The people who invented this thing are geniuses – the giant unsightly hole in front of my teeth has disappeared once for all. If you’re taking time wondering if you should give it a try, stop – it's really worth it! more...
I've just received this product. The false tooth is ready in a few minutes and it fits just perfectly. I wish I had found this product months ago. The best spent money in my entire life. more...
I only wanted to say I’ve made the replacement and it looks good. I’ll definitely buy another kit as soon as I need it. more...
This product is amazing. It allowed me to save almost £2,500. I can laugh and speak again without covering my mouth with hands. Thanks a lot! Kind regards. more...
The replacements look really realistic. All my friends and family were very surprised to see me without the hideous gap between my teeth. Many thanks! more...
I've got to admit, that in the beginning it took me a while to construct the tooth replacement properly, but I've got no problem with it now. You wouldn't even notice I'm wearing a false tooth! Great product. I highly recommend it. more...
I wanted to let you know I got the product right on the next day after placing my order and I'm very surprised with the result. It's very easy to use, I've made my first replacement at the first attempt. I'll be using these until my fixed prosthesis isn't ready. The product exceeded my expectations. I'm glad I've found your store. I'll recommend it to all my friends, naturally! more...
It's nice to find an inexpensive product that works like costly replacements for several thousand of pounds. I've made my tooth replacement at the first time. It looks good, it's comfortable and, above all, it eliminates a troublesome gap that was left after extraction of my second upper tooth. It's an excellent product! I can laugh again ;) more...
I'm writing this e-mail to thank you for such a wonderful product. It has changed my life for better. I couldn't afford expensive fixed dentures, but owing to your tooth replacement kit I'm not gap-toothed anymore. These replacements are really doing their job! more...
It took me a while to make a replacement, but now you couldn't tell if I have a missing tooth - many thanks. I don't have to feel embarrassed when with a company and cover my mouth anymore. IT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! more...
Last year I had a mishap on an ice rink, I fell and hit the ice in such an unfortunate way that made the first tooth fall out. The dentist said that in order to fix it, I would have to get a £1,000 implant. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it and I had to go through life with a gap in my teeth – and in the very front, as if that wasn’t enough. I felt really bad around people, especially when hitting a pub with friends. The front tooth gap made me depressed and I would always cover my mouth when laughing. But thanks to your tooth replacements I can afford fixing this damn gap and, what’s more, in a way that there’s no chance a person who doesn’t know I have a missing tooth will notice it. Thank you very much! There’s a bright side to life again! I send you my regards and many thanks!!!!! You’ve transformed my life for better!!!!!!! Thank you! more...

You can now replace a missing tooth in an easy, pain-free and, most of all, inexpensive way without leaving home.


Activated charcoal after first use


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We offer a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, just send it back to us within 90 days from the date of purchase for a full refund.

90 days money back guaranteed


How do the replacements stay in the right place?
Can I wear the replacement while sleeping?
We do not recommend wearing tooth replacements in the sleep. If the replacement is properly made, it can be easily removed and re-fitted in the morning.
How long will such a replacement last?
These replacements last for several months. After this period you can make another one. Please take into account the fact, that the replacements are temporary and cosmetic.
Can I make more than one replacement with use of the kit I will get?
Yes, the kit includes enough material to make about 10 replacements.
Is it safe to keep the material the replacements are made of in the mouth?
Yes. It is a special type of plastic, which is non-toxic, safe for oral use and causes no allergies (it may cause allergic reactions only in people who are allergic to plastic).
Can I eat with the replacement on?
We do not recommend wearing the replacements while eating. Using tooth replacements while eating can cause discoloration due to food/drinks or falling off of the replacement.
Can the colour of the replacement be custom-made to match the colour of my teeth?
Yes, the detailed instruction for such procedure is included in the kit.
Can the material for making replacements be used also for reconstructing fractured teeth?
The material is intended for making tooth replacements and not fractures, still, we get information from our clients who use it also for reconstructing fractured teeth, claiming it gives really good results.
Can I replace more than one tooth with these replacements?
Yes, but the missing teeth should not be adjacent. A temporary replacement has to be located between two natural teeth.
Can I attach the replacements on both upper and lower jaw?
Yes, you can, just be sure to fit the replacements between your natural teeth.
Can I return the temporary tooth replacement kit if not satisfied?
Of course you can. You have the right to return the product within 14 days of purchase without providing the reason. Just inform us earlier and send back the remaining unused part of the material included in the kit. You will get a full refund within 10 days.

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